If a man is able to hold off his orgasm while engaged in a sexual intercourse, it will help him as well as his partner enjoy the intercourse better. It will also help him to give a better performance! There is another thing that may sound very flustering, but it is true. A late and delayed orgasm will also be much more intense, thus providing more pleasure to the male as well as the female partner. Therefore, the focus of the male person should always be to delay orgasm as much as possible so that both partners are able to satisfy there sexual desires to the fullest!

Most men that suffer from this problem are very afraid and even embarrassed to openly admit this problem, and this aggravates the problem to a great level. This results in more stress for the male partner and they sink further in the deep waters of their inability to satisfy their female partner in bed. Therefore, what they should do is to confide in their female partner and make them understand the entire situation. If their partner is able to put their stress to peace, it will help them a lot to delay orgasm and they will be able to follow some simple steps and satisfy their partners to a farther extent.

It is also important for the female partners to understand this problem that their male counterpart is suffering from and console them. This will do heaps in relieving the stress that their partner has to go through because of their inability to delay orgasm for a few minutes. Female partners need to supportive as this will not only enhance the ability of the man to perform better in bed, but also satisfy her a lot more during the act of sexual intercourse. Therefore, it can be said that female support plays a great role in the performance of the male partner!


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