How To Let Your Guy Know He Is Not Meeting Your Needs

What could possibly harder to tell a man than he is not fulfilling your needs. All men are different but the one way that they are the same is their pride about their manhood. The very last thing that they can hear or handle is any questioning of it. If you are having a hard time being satisfied by your man and finding more times than not that he is finishing only to leave you in the larch, it is okay to say something, it is okay to ask for more. The way that you do so is going to make or break the situation and possibly the relationship.

If you are researching ways to last longer in bed for men, you have no doubt found that there is no quick or easy fix and that there needs to be some sacrifice and work on the part of your guy. If he loves you, he will get over the initial embarrassment of you broaching the conversation and work with you to change it. If you help him out, give him signals and cues, and allow for lots and lots of practice you will be finding yourself screaming with ecstasy in no time.

The best way to help your guy satisfy you in bed by lasting longer is to mix things up a bit. You an tell when he is just about to lose control and ejaculate, curbing it before he gets to the point of no return is going to make all the difference. If you feel that it is heading that way, mix things up, change position, speed, motion or stop all together. Prolonging the feeling for him will only prolong the sexual encounter and make the fun last longer.



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    November 2012