A lot of men are interested in methods through which they would be able to last longer in bed without having to make much effort or spend money. The best part is that there are natural techniques which are very simple to follow and have a huge influence on your performance in the bed. Most men find the part about not being able to last very long in the bed very embarrassing and also their inability to satisfy their partner while she craves for more. The truth is that most women tend take more time to reach orgasm than their partners, which actually increases the pressure on you. Discussed below are a few techniques which would definitely be of great help to you and help you last longer every time.

The first thing you need to realize is that you have to develop strong self control. Most men tend to just jump into the bed and start having sex and penetrating right away which naturally ends up lessening your chances of being able to last longer. Most sex therapists agree that this is the number one cause behind this problem since you just end up killing your excitement, and sex turns into a way of releasing your frustrations and excitement rather than as a pleasureful experience that would relax your body and bring you closer to your partner. Therefore, always try to relax your mind, body and soul before you get started with your partner since this would definitely go a long way in enhancing your performance altogether. You may want to spend more time having oral sex or some romantic love making before indulging in the real action. This really helps you get into the mood while getting more time to satisfy your partner and be able to fulfil her sensuous desires.

Through this method, you would be able to prolong your duration and last longer in bed every time.


By being more creative, you can develop the ability to how to last longer in bed every time. All you need to do is to treat love making as an art and develop a strategy through which you would be able to delay the climax till the time you feel your partner is fully satisfied.

For obvious reasons, most experts tend to describe lasting longer in bed as an art form which requires you to exploit your creative side. By developing command over this art, you would be in a better position to experience the real joy of intercourse every time and that it is just not limited to a few thrusts and ejaculation at the end. However, most men tend to normally ejaculate after between 5 to 10 minutes of sex after they have started off, but at the same time, most women tend to have an orgasm after about 15 minutes which means that as a man, you need to last much longer if you want to fulfil her pleasureful desires. As far as ejaculating early is concerned, this issue varies from one man to another, and a few men end up ejaculating within 2 minutes after they have started. Obviously, you would want to last as long as you can and perform for more longer periods. Most men who are able to last longer in bed take great pride in their capability and women lust such men. Moreover, by developing this ability, your self esteem and confidence would increase manifolds. The art of lasting longer in bed is all about using techniques through which you can succeed. You can start by focusing more on foreplay since it really helps to bring you and your partner closer while helping to achieve fulfilment of desire even before you have started. You can also prolong your ejaculation through this method. Create a romantic environment in your bedroom and get all romantic.

Sex is an art in itself, and should be treated as such.


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    August 2012